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Small Mammal Hole

Observed: 7th October 2013 By: Simon WalkerSimon Walker’s reputation in MammalsSimon Walker’s reputation in MammalsSimon Walker’s reputation in Mammals
Hole, animal, Fowlmere, 2013-10-07 001

I see a fair number of these, but this one looked particularly fresh. The scale is in cm and mm.
It's close to impossible to be sure what creature made the hole, I imagine.

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I think you meant bank vole, we have no common voles on mainland Britain.

It does look like a bank vole hole, one way to be sure is to stick a stick down the hole, if it goes straight down it is a bank vole, if it goes in at a shallow angle it is likely to be a wood mouse.

Bank voles dig down, then put a U-bend in and climb up before digging a nest. This prevents flooding of the nest.

Graham Banwell

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That's Interesting

I'll try that (being careful not to poke any voles in the eye).

Thanks, Graham.
PS I did mean bank vole, you're right