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After recent big change on ispot make sure you are in right community

If you have read some of the news items you will realise that there are now different 'communities' on ispot. One effect of this is that the species dictionary is different depending on where you are, this can mean you don't get the common names or they don't match to the scientific names you are expecting.
All you have to do to get into the correct community is go to the communities tab and select 'UK and Ireland' (if you are in that area). If you have 'global' selected then many of the common names will be missing for the fungi and there may be other problems such as the scientific names being different from expected. The system should remember your choice so you only need to make this selection once.

If your observation is from another part of the world then you may want to select 'global' as this will use the global species dictionary instead of the UK one.



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I wondered what was going on so have just changed it thanks for the information.


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All done, thanks for the information. I am not sure everyone will see this message, maybe ispot could post a general message if they have not already, just a thought.



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Thanks from me too

Thanks from me too. I hadn't realised that changes had been made, mostly because I'm not contributing anything at present, but I will do once time allows again.