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Observed: 9th October 2013 By: chris pring

I saw several clusters of these bright green anemones on the half tide line. They were alongside the more common brown snakelocks anemones. Some were very bright green, almost fluorescent. Am I right in thinking these are just variations on snakelocks?

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Snakelocks anemone

I agree with your ID but you need to move this from mammals to invertebrates.

Graham Banwell

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Origin April 2014
Graham. A nuisance eh? But see this
I do think Admin could take a more than passive interest in this issue (of false Groups)
Edit And it did Chris, so well done. It really is about time someone wrote some Code to fix this long-standing issue. And also, somehow, to wake up those who never look at comments in their own posts. Nevertheless, we have it in our power, most of the time, to do this fix by proxy

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Group change & name change

Thanks Dejay. It's so long since I did this I wasn't sure if it'd work... & as I see the 1st ID wouldn't give the 'other observations' I've withdrawn my agreement to it.

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Yes, it worked for me a few seconds ago here
I only had to withdraw my agreement to make it likely.