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Newt larva

Observed: 22nd September 2013 By: jim easton
Newt Larva
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Apologies for my spelling!

Apologies for my spelling!

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according to my OPAL / FSC

according to my OPAL / FSC guide, Great Crested tadpoles have "long fingers and toes and dark blotches on tail fin"
This one shows those features and looks very much like a great crested to me.

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The blotches on a great

The blotches on a great crested newt are much larger than these spots. Also the tail of a great crested newt larva tapers to a filament, which this doesn't

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Thank you very much for the ID tips

Could you send me a link to a good chart? I don't think the one I have shows this... It is the FSC / OPAL one, can you have a look and direct me to another one?

It would be particularly useful to me now that we have found a crested newt living at my friend's garden :-)


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Try this one. Note

Try this one. Note particularly the shape of the tail of the crested newt compared to yours.