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Grey Squirrel...sound asleep

Observed: 9th October 2013 By: BassrockcatsBassrockcats’s reputation in MammalsBassrockcats’s reputation in MammalsBassrockcats’s reputation in Mammals
Grey Squirrel...sound asleep
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Great shot

For an animal that does "cute" so well when awake, this makes it even more so!

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What a gorgeous photo! You

What a gorgeous photo! You must have been very quiet :)

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See you interested in Butterflies my best find this summer was a 'WALL' Butterfly which are pretty rare seemingly, in a count there were only 777 for UK. I found 2 where I go bird spotting Barns Ness Lighthouse, East Lothian, Scotland as they seem to do well there. You can view it on ispot

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Squirrel asleep

He lay there sunbathing for so long couldn't believe my luck only wish now I had taken more photos. He was so high up in tree I don't think he knew I was there. I know there are red squirrels in Bamburgh and very easy to see so that is my aim. There is a bird hide with hazelnut feeders so close which I would imagine photos would be easy. They have introduced Red squirrels there and they are doing well. Incase you fancy going its called Spindlestone Hide, Budle Bay which is just before Bamburgh, Northumberland. There are so many different birds there its a great day. (you could google it I'm sure)

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Thankyou so much for the

Thankyou so much for the information. Interestingly, me and my husband are planning on going to Northumberland hopefully next year(I want to see Bamburgh Castle)so I will definitely bear Spindlestone Hide in mind to visit.
Regarding Red Squirrels, there was an item on the morning news the other day about how they are being introduced to Tresco in the Scilly Isles. Might try and get over there too.