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Picking Likely id from multiple id's

Sometimes when I post an observation, I know the family or genus, and can add that as an 'I'm sure as I can be' id. Then I might want to speculate on the species with an 'It might be this' id. However, when I do that, it moves the flagged likely id to the one that's 'might be' and away from the 'Im sure" - that must be wrong, until someone else has agreed with the speculation, mustn't it?



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It does feel wrong

ideally the level of confidence should be included. One work around for this is to add the speculative 'it might be' ID first then add your certain genus level ID. The one added last will be the likely ID.

David Howdon

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Likely ID

When you add an ID, and assuming that your own reputation 'score' is above the Likely ID threshold, your ID will be shown as "Likely" straight away. If you then add a subsequent ID (and assuming that no-one has yet agreed with the previous one) then there are two IDs that both have the same reputation attached to them, since each has been offered by the same person.

What iSpot does in this case is to treat the latest ID as the Likely one - this covers the possibility that someone makes an initial ID and then comes back at a later point to give a different, or more specific, ID (maybe after doing more research on the species concerned). In that situation, it makes sense for the Likely ID to be the latest one, although I agree that it is not ideal for the situation you describe.

Of course, what we hope will happen is that others will come along and agree with one or other of the suggested IDs, at which point the reputations of the combined agree-ers will take over and indicate the Likely ID regardless of when it was added.

But for what you describe, I think David's suggestion of putting the tentative species ID in first, and then the more definite genus or family ID second, is the best solution to this at the moment.

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