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Sort of 'stick caterpillar'

Observed: 6th October 2013 By: jon55smith

Spotted an odd twig on my (rather weak) quince tree.
Only discovered it was caterpillar like when I touched it and lifted front end from branch. It reconnected after a few minutes. Was still there on October 8; perhaps it is planning to pupate??
I have no idea what it is can anyone tell me please?

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Hi Jon,The peppered moth

Hi Jon,

The peppered moth larva has small red spots along its sides, they are quite difficult to mke out on your picture until the image is saved and zoomed in on. The red dots near the rear end are easiest made out on this larva. Larval time is right also. Oak Beauty larva are quite similar but its too late for it now. This one matches the colouration of some Peppered Moth examples in ukleps- there are quite a few variations in there.