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Common Ivy (Hedera helix subsp. helix)

Observed: 9th October 2013 By: wulgulmerangwulgulmerang’s reputation in Plantswulgulmerang’s reputation in Plants
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Saw this climber / vine today in some business park gardens.
It was on most of the trees, some of which were dead, some of which were English Oaks, and so I was wondering about its name and whether is was harmless or harmful to the trees?
Whether it needed to be cut back or not?

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Much of the old foresters bias against Ivy is unfounded.
It is a fantastic wildlife plant,giving stormproof night shelter to many birds and insects,a late nectar source for insects and winter/spring berries for woodpigeons and others

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So it may be! However it

So it may be! However it seems to have become so dominant in recent years that it is changing the whole appearance of the countryside often obscuring the beauty of our natural trees. I think the photos on this spot highlight the problem and my wife and I tackle it at every opportunity.

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Shame on you

The personal perception of beauty is no good reason to destroy good habitat.

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A great plant for various other creatures.
It is also a bit confusing, because the leaves around the flowers are quite different to the "traditional" shape most people know.