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Is this a Grisette?

Observed: 6th October 2013 By: charlie streetscharlie streets’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenscharlie streets’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

This was under a Silver Birch, the cap was about 4 inches across but not much more to go on I'm afraid.


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I'd say so (and have agreed).
But it might just be Amanita fulva which I have seen as grey as this. Google it right out, to be certain.
Charlie, after you wrote below.
Click on this
and view the (Google) images. Open (click) some, Visit Page and read the text at the site.
There's a whole range of colours and textures and many pictures which are OBVIOUSLY not Grisette. Have fun. I use Google images a lot for initial research.
Leave your post as it is for now (though grisette is spelled wrongly in the ID panel), others will come.

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I don't know what "Google it

I don't know what "Google it right out, to be certain." means but if Tawny Grisettes can be that colour I think I'll have to put it down as unknown.
Thanks anyway.