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Phlomis ?

Observed: 7th October 2013 By: mokomoko’s reputation in Plants

Is this a type of phlomis or am I going down the wrong alley.

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I agree on Phlomis!

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cheers, I didn't realise they

I didn't realise they got this big!!

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They get this big, certainly...

...and then they split, and fall over, generally. The "wood" of the stalks is quite brittle.

It's a common garden plant, best kept much smaller by pruning in autumn. So get out there now! Err, if that is your garden, that is...

Rachy Ramone

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Thanks (-: I spent the

I spent the evening trawling the internet trying to find out about pruning and when to do it.!!!
It's not mine, but I do have the job of dealing with it.....onward!

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Phlomis fruticosa

One thing to watch with Phlomis fruticosa when you prune them is that all the foliage and stems are covered with a very dense tomentum (dense hairs) which can be very irritating if they get up your nose or in your eyes. Almost a case for a face mask I would say, but as Rachy points out they do respond to occasional heavy pruning, in the right conditions they can get very big!

David J Trevan

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Thanks, i'll take precautions

Thanks, i'll take precautions (-: