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Whose house and pawprint?

Observed: 3rd May 2010 By: LyndaCLyndaC’s reputation in Mammals

Is this a badger print and a badger sett? It looks like there are also dog paw prints to the left, but on the close-up of the other print, there are distinct claw marks – I guess it's a badger? Is that right? Without the pawprint, how do you tell a fox den from a badger sett?

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Badger Setts

Also tend to have more entrances, and you can find old bedding that they've chucked out (hay-like) around. Foxes will sometimes set up house in a corner of a sett if there is room.

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Thanks both.

Will look more closely for the other details you suggest next time I spot one.

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Badger print

The prints are indistinct but far too broad to be anything other than badger. They do have the square-ish shape of a badger.

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