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Species with which Autumn Hawkbit (Leontodon autumnalis) interacts


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I am not sure that it is possible ...

... to distinguish Scorzoneroides autumnalis from Hypochaeris radicata on the basis of these photographs.

(The foliage - when not hidden in the grass - is sufficient for discrimination most of the time.)

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Thanks lavateraguy. I see

Thanks lavateraguy. I see what you mean. See pic 3 added. Took considerable poking in the grass to connect leaves and stem. But looks to me like a fit with Autumn Hawkbit. BTW I took the recommended Leontodon, should this be updated to Scorzoneroides? Paul

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Recent botanical studies ...

... have drawn the conclusion that Leontodon autumnalis (and the rest of subgenus Oporinia) is mp more closely related to the remainder of Leontodon than to Hypochaeris and Picris. As botanists have a strong preference for monophyletic taxa this leads to the separation of the two parts of Leontodon, and the current botanical consensus is to recognise Scorzoneroides.