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Spider species?

Observed: 20th September 2013 By: shurick88shurick88’s reputation in Invertebratesshurick88’s reputation in Invertebrates
wetlands spider

Found in the wetlands. It was in a silken wrap inside a reed stalk. The stalks inhabited by these spiders are dry from the lair entrance up. The entrance is a very small hole. In one of these I found a beetle that didn't look very alive. Food store?
The second picture shows the inside of the lair.

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It does seem credible that this is a juvenile as it did not seem quite ready to come out of its lair...
Thank you!


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Also lookled at the other speciesi n the genus and none of the others seemed to match.

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Juveniles often aren't like small versions of adults and in the case of Clubiona they are much paler, particularly the legs. C. phragmitis can be very common in reedbeds but I can't rule out other species. Most of the various Clubiona species do look very similar (except compta and corticalis are stripey)

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Will keep the question open then!
Thanks Alan!