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Hebeloma: up-to-date genus level book required!

Observed: 5th October 2013 By: pitufopitufo’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenspitufo’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
brown_spotgill edge

Habitat: deciduous woodland, mainly birch among soil/moss/litter
Cap: 3.6cm, pale brown/buff. sticky when wet.
Gill: adnate to notched, pale brown with white-ciliate edge. Spotting brown when older. Possibly weeping.
Stem: 6cm x 0.5 - 0.7 cm, even. Buff, white and tomentose at apex turning brown/slightly striate at base. Bulb at base when young. Hollow (when older?).
Smell: raddish
Spores: smooth (tbc), amygdaloid 11.6 x 6.6 µm. Cheilocystidia cylindrical to slightly clavate/capitate.


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Great to see some microscope

Great to see some microscope work! This takes id'ing to next level! What magnification were you using? Any special preparation on specimens?
Unfortunately I only have USB microscope max x200

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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I have the most recent edition of The Genus Hebeloma By Jan Vesterholt - Fungi of northern Europe - VOl 3.I will have a look later today as I am in the middle of making wine,will be evening and hopefully can give you an answer as you have all the relevant information and microscopic work too which makes me jealous as I too only have USB mic max 200 same as yours Mark.

Back to the rosehip crushing


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Going out to pick sloes this

Going out to pick sloes this afternoon!

The more I know the more I realise I don't know