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Unknown Gall/Egg (Oak leaf)

Observed: 6th October 2013 By: fritmanfritman’s reputation in Invertebratesfritman’s reputation in Invertebratesfritman’s reputation in Invertebrates
Gall/Egg on underside of Oak Leaf
Gall/Egg - underside of Oak Leaf

Small spherical gall(or egg ?)on underside of oak leaf. Several found ,all on main rib of leaf
Only one per leaf

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Species with which Common Spangle Gall (Neuroterus quercusbaccarum) interacts


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Agreeing with the Common Spangle Gall but what's the spherical object, it looks like a gall to me.

Suggest you change grouping to invertebrate.

Oyster Gall leaves a slight cup/saucer shaped depression on the leaf when it drops off.


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If Oyster Gall, the

If Oyster Gall, the supporting ridges should be just visible when the gall is in situ also the gall should be capable of being easily dislodged from the leaf.