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Stingless Nettle

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Stingless nettle (I risked my skin to verify this) visibly distinct from normal nettles growing nearby, but not matching the description of subspecies galeopsifolia.
I've found stingless nettles in this area before including in the next tetrad to the west, but this is the only one I noticed today, even though I checked Wybunbury Park, where I had seen them.

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Is this a common mutation/variant, then? I confess that I don't go around testing all the nettles to see if they sting... except accidentally, which happens far too often anyway. If I don't get stung, I always just assume that I've got lucky.

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I find that they sting really badly early in the season, and by this time of year hardly at all. Not sure if it's me becoming desensitised, or it could be that the stinging hairs are shed late in the year.

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I've been stung, ...

... while weeding, fairly recently.

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Interesting for breeding

The lack of stings on leaves and stem is impressive. I'm looking for breeding a no sting nettle, and i'm very interested by the stingless specimens you've found (especially if it seems to not be sp. galeopsifolia). Can you contact me at permactiviste AT ? Thanks :)