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Hornets fighting;

Observed: 5th October 2013 By: timjwatlingtimjwatling’s reputation in Invertebrates

Hornets fighting for more than 25 minutes, still fighting when I left. Seen on grass path in Wrest Park garden

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Latin name

You ought to add a Latin name to complete your ID, just press "get recommended" having entered the common name.

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Are they immune?

I've never been quite sure - are hornets immune to the poison of their own sting? It's hard to imagine them stinging each other for 25 minutes and still being upright unless they are, although I guess it must still be pretty uncomfortable... plus there are those jaws...

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Great post

A really interesting observation.
I don't know if they even try to sting each other - or if it's just a biting contest. If anyone knows, I hope they'll post.