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Observed: 5th October 2013 By: michaelmckenna

1cm long, there are a few, younger/smaller look more translucent. Think its some kind of beetle?

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Sorry, I can't quite see enough detail in the photos to be sure what this is, but if it had three pairs of legs at the front that would make it a beetle rather than a fly. I see from your comment in the Invertebrates forum that this larva was preying on aphids, so I suppose a ladybird larva is the most likely solution. (Hoverfly larvae also eat aphids and can look a bit like this but don't have legs.)

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Wrong taper for ladybird?

This seems to be widest at the abdominal end rather than the front, which suggests not ladybird to me. Another option is lacewing larva, and I think the colouring matches quite well for some of the green species... so that would be my guess, if pushed.

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most likely an hoverfly, by shape

Does not look like a lacewing, IMO.