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Mystery Worm

Fisherman said he usually finds these 20 miles offshore down South of England this one is in Scotland. Take note No Segment, No bristles either

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Yes, I stand corrected. And I

Yes, I stand corrected. And I have learned a new creature :-)

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It's a great spot. Quite

It's a great spot. Quite tricky to ID, because they are quite featureless, which is why not many people have jumped in! The head end is quite covered in sand so the simple eyes are difficult to see, as are the barbels. Mind you, on the beach, and with it moving about, it would be difficult not to have it covered in sand! How long was the fish?

I have added my agreement to the ID because of the tail. Using Kay and Dipper's book, the line drawing they use has a flattened tail and those pits running down the side, which your animal does. No obvious dorsal fins like a lamprey, which it could also be. So overall, agree: hagfish.

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