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Romanian Water Buffalo Calf

Observed: 4th October 2013 By: Simon WalkerSimon Walker’s reputation in MammalsSimon Walker’s reputation in MammalsSimon Walker’s reputation in Mammals
Romanian Water Buffalo, calf 1 wk old, Rye Meads, 2013-10-04 006
Romanian Water Buffalo, mother and calf, Rye Meads, 2013-10-04 002

About a week old now. Male. of course. There are several of these super cattle that live on the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust part of the reserve. There's a lot of marsh, which suits them down to the ground.
The second picture is of the mother and calf together.
The adults don't have a white tip to their tails. I don't know if this is a feature of young animals, or whether this animal will have it for the rest of his days.

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But I Think...

...that they're domesticated ones. That's why I suspected we might not get a latin name. How domesticated I don't know. They're very placid, I know that much.

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Water buffalo

All animals have a scientific name, domestic or otherwise. However, with domestic animals it can be difficult to know whether it has one of its own or just caries the wild types name which is what I think you meant.

In this case European water buffalo are domesticated Asian water buffalo so are Bubalus bubalis.

I don't know much about water buffalo breeds, other than there are at least a dozen and that there are at least three bred in Romania.

Graham Banwell

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