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Log out

Today I am finding that I am being logged out without me logging out! Frustrating as I have to log back in to add comments or observations!
Any thoughts on this problem please?



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It is happened to me also today but I don't know why I hope it is resolved soon as it's a bit of a pain


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I see the URL has changed to

I see the URL has changed to, which may be part of the problem. I have logged in to the new URL, closed the browser, and on coming back I am still logged in.

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change of url

well iSpotted!


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New "location"

I am not having problems with the new site, although at first I was stuck because I could not for the life of me remember my password (it's encrypted on another PC) - I rely on Firefox to remember it for me....

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We will investigate

There have been a few changes recently as we're about to launch the community features. I'll ask the team to check this issue out and get back to you.

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At the moment I seem to have

At the moment I seem to have no problem. I am logged in through

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New website address (URL)

Yes, the website address was changed last Friday - apologies for not announcing this in advance, it caught me on the hop and I was on leave on the day! There is now an announcement in the news pages:

and further details of this and other updates are at:

The new address is likely to cause users to have to re-enter their iSpot password when logging on for the first time since the change.

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problem solved

That is exactly what happened. I did have to log on again once, but since then it's back to normal.

p.s. what I like about the forum posts is that the first draft only gives the 'preview' option, so that I cannot click 'Save' too soon. Quite useful if working on a tablet where finger-slips are easier to make. Comments and ID posts could be like that too...