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_BSC3543 Sympetrum striolatum) 29072013-001

Observed: 29th July 2013 By: jginieisjginieis’s reputation in Invertebratesjginieis’s reputation in Invertebratesjginieis’s reputation in Invertebrates
_BSC3543 Sympetrum striolatum)  29072013-001
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Other angles would be useful...

Although I suspect that BruceH is spot on with the ID on this one (and I'm going to give my agreement), I think that photos showing alternative angles, for example a more side on shot, would be useful for confirmation in this case.
'Sympetrum' Darters are among the most difficult of the European dragonflies to identify, and there are other similar species (eg. Moustached/Vagrant Darter, Sympetrum vulgatum).

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Glad you are back...

Good to have you back Roy; I have missed your invaluable help this summer, especially with pronotums (?pronota).

I absolutely agree with the similarity of Sympetrum species. Almost as difficult as Blue and Bluet damselflies :)


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Been busy!

Yes, I'm afraid I didn't find much time for Ispot over the summer - I'll try and do better next summer though!

I have a few shots of an interesting Sympetrum I photographed in Essex in August which I'll try and post in the next couple of days to see what you and others make of it!