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Observed: 4th October 2013 By: JEC

Extremely well camouflaged spider with large body and striped hairy legs!
Seen on the wild flower meadow shaded by a large Lime tree. No web observed

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Hi Julie...

....welcome to ispot. Spiders are invertebrates and belong in this section where you'll find the experts on these spp. To move your pic just go to the edit tab and select invertebrates and the pic will move to the right section. Have fun on this site, I have found everyone a real help. If you don't know the sp, it is good to place birds in birds, fish in fish etc.

By the way I originate from Stamford so know Peterborough well.

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Thanks for your help - much

Thanks for your help - much appreciated!
I look forward to posting more now that I have found you all.