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Can anyone recommend an up to date list of plant orders, families and genera for the UK?

Thank you



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Stace, 2010, The New Flora of

Stace, 2010, The New Flora of the British Isles, Cambridge University Press.

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Have a look...

...at www.theplantlist.org , might be what you are looking for.

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The Plant List ...

... is global, not UK-specific, and is of variable quality. (I assume that the monocots, based on a recent Kew project, are good, but Malvaceae, for example, had a lot of errors last time I looked.)

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Things are ever changing ...

... (for example a new monkeyflower - Mimulus peregrinus (IIRC) from the Leadhills area was described recently), but there's a list at http://www.thewildflowersociety.com/wfs_list_of_all_plants/main_menu_201...

Neither Stace, nor the NHM list, is up to date with taxonomic changes, but they differ in where they are out of date.

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Thanks this is a good list,

Thanks this is a good list, it's hard to keep up to date but this seems the best