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Speckled Bush Cricket

Observed: 24th September 2013 By: gramandy
Kent Wildlife TrustThanet Coast ProjectWildwood Trust
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Speckled Bush Cricket

approx 1cm green cricket on wall, had to increase brightness to pick out some of the detail as cricket was dark against the wall background.

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Yes indeedy

Go to the higher-resolution view and you can make out the speckles too. There's a bit of a washed-out contrast in these images, which is making it harder than it should be - in future, you could try a slightly darker background, or process the images a bit before posting them if you have any software for doing that. :o)

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Hi Joe....

....see my comments under pics - I deliberately washed out the background to get detail of cricket. I'll drop a pic or 2 of the originals see what you can make out. Unfortunately the wall of the house is white and it was also in shadow - didn't really want to disturb the cricket. Anyway have a look at the originals and tell me what you think.

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...oops. :

Sorry, missed that - of course, that does make sense in this case, and the speckles are harder to make out in the originals. I've spent too much time at the computer, obviously. ;o)

I know it's hard to get the lighting right in that sort of situation; but yes, on balance you've done exactly the right thing. I'd have been tempted to persuade it to hop onto the ground, though, I must confess...