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Sad demise

Observed: 28th September 2013 By: JohnaldJohnald’s reputation in Birds
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Sad demise

I suppose that this shows that even a species as common as this can be someone's bogey bird?


Alan Brampton (Benson)

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..on two counts!!

Feel free to look at my ongoing (hopefully improving) collection of pictures on Flickr:

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Agree - but please can you alter ID to include scientific name?

Agree that it's a pheasant but if you change the ID to give the scientific name, it links to other pheasant observations. If you are not sure what the scientific name is, type in pheasant in the common name box and click on the button marked "Get recommended" or words to that effect. Then you can select the scientific name.

I think photos of dead animals are appropriate for iSpot. Someone posted an observation of a stranded dolphin a few years back and that generated a bit of discussion, none of it critical regarding the observation. It's still an observation and it's important to show the effects of human interaction. So good to see this observation, although not so great for the pheasant.

Trudy Russell
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