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A Wax Cap

Observed: 2nd October 2013 By: Sue KneenSue Kneen’s reputation in Fungi and LichensSue Kneen’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

In clusters in short grass.Diameter from 0.5-2cms.They start red/orange and fade to orange/yellow


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on cannock chase

saw on cannock chase yesterday

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Any more,

Photos would help, I think there are two hygrocybes that look almost the same but you would need a microscope to tell the two apart, I am fairly sure its a hygrocybe though :) possibly hygrocybe coccinea, or maybe hygrocybe helobia judging from the photo, the vermilion waxcap seems alot lighter in my book?

Regards Ben

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Hi Ben I know what you mean

Hi Ben

I know what you mean but when I searched for related pictures I did come across a site, and it looked remarkably similar to the vermilion waxcap (the photo at the bottom)