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Fungal or insect damage for ID, please

Observed: 1st August 2013 By: Thistle
Fungal or insect damage for ID, please

Small brown spots on the leaf of a Beech (Fagus sylvatica). They didn't seem to develop much beyond this and the tree wasn't significantly affected. Not sure if the damage is insect or fungal hence put in "?" for the moment. Can anyone offer an ID of the causer, please?


No identification made yet.

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Suggest you move to invertebrates as more people will see it.
Ther may also be be gall that rolls up beech leaf margins (Acalitus stenapsis) a bit out of focus

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Not sure

If I put it into invertebrates then the fungus specialists may not see it and I'm really not sure which it is, hence the decision to put it in "?" for the moment.

I agree there may be a leaf roller there as well but it's the brown spots I'm interested in at this time.


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tree health survey

Nice one Ian

Worth sharing the data with OPAL as part of the tree health survey data. If you need a pack let me know.

Isabel Varela
iSpot mentor from r the London area

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I looked at that

I looked at that but there doesn't seem to be any way of reporting damage to Beech: they seem to be concentrating on Oak, Ash and Horse Chestnut.

Perhaps they'll pick it up from iSpot?


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I will report it with Twitter with Eleanor, she will know

Isabel :-)

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I can't think of any insects that would cause this damage, which appears to be related to individual cells in the leaf. Which leaves alternatives including mites, fungi or viruses. What did the underside of the leaf look like?

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