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Weevil_2013-09-17 13.14.03

Observed: 17th September 2013 By: Rob LawrenceRob Lawrence’s reputation in InvertebratesRob Lawrence’s reputation in Invertebrates
Weevil_2013-09-17 13.14.03
Weevil_2013-09-17 13.11.05
Weevil_2013-09-10 13.39.56
Weevil_2013-09-10 13.40.57

This little Weevil has been driving me mad trying to ID it, seems there is nothing like it as far as being completely black with yellow/brown tarsi. The weevils I have seen with similar body/beak shape are fairly well coloured. Think this might be from the Cionus family. Closest match is C. tuberculosus

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I agree that this looks like Cionus from the shape, and C. tuberculatus seems the best match, but as you say it doesn't show the coloured scales that tuberculatus usually has, especially on the sides of the thorax. Did the specimen appear worn, or has it got wet?

Would be useful to know the exact length, and to have a view from directly above, but I can't think of a better alternative ID.

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Cionus tuberculosus

Yeah, pattern looks right for Cionus tuberculosus, even though the colour is a bit dark. Has it dried yet??