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Bush Cricket

Observed: 26th September 2013 By: wek6
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Bush Cricket

Green grasshopper - like insect, with brown wings and long antenna.

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Has long-winged conehead had

Has long-winged conehead had a name change? It used to be C. discolor.

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Latin names

Hi John, in answer to your question I'm not sure. I can find references to both Latin names. Conocephalus fuscus is the iSpot recommended name and it links to NBN records in that name also.

Edit - not sure this helps but see this link, where C. discolor is shown as a synonym - http://www.nhm.ac.uk/research-curation/scientific-resources/biodiversity...

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Yes, it looks like fuscus is

Yes, it looks like fuscus is an older synonym so is the valid one.