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Small Spotted Catshark(?) Egg Case

Observed: 17th August 2013 By: FCox143FCox143’s reputation in FishFCox143’s reputation in Fish
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Have you used the Shark

Have you used the Shark Trust's ID guide? http://www.sharktrust.org/shared/downloads/great_eggcase_hunt/eggcase_id...

The appearance looks like a S. canicula egg case but the length of the capsule (not including the horns) is 8-8.5 cm by your ruler which would put it into S. stellaris (Bull Huss) range, according to their guide. Size can be variable, though. Does it have thick ridges along the sides? I can't quite tell from the photo. The photo is good, though, and it's good to see the ruler in for scale.

Trudy Russell
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