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Brittle bladder fern

Observed: 30th May 2010 By: RogerRoger’s reputation in PlantsRoger’s reputation in PlantsRoger’s reputation in Plants

This fern was originally identified as fragilis over 15 years ago., but is now considered to be diaphana. (stays green in winter)

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When I first discovered this fern in Tavistock it was identified as fragilis by the eminant local botanist(Molly Spooner) as fragilis. Diaphana had not yet been found in Britain.
However when diaphana was found on the river Camel in Cornwall it was decided to send a sample to London for identification. It was confirmed to be diaphana. I had been suspicious of the fragilis identification because I knew that fragilis died back in the winter, and I had seen it growing at Cheddar.The Tavistock plants stayed green through the hardest winters.The Tavistock locations are looking good this year (2010) in spite of the two hard winters. I suggest that this section of the disused railway line be carefully preserved. Already a specimen of Royal fern has been taken,and Greater Spearwort seems to have vanished. Other ferns along this stretch of railway line include Wall rue, maidenhair spleenwort, black spleenwort,Scaly male fern, male fern, lady fern, common polypody, hard fern, soft shield fern, hearts tounge fern,broad buckler fern.

Roger B. Hutchins

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making history...

Lovely post.
There is green spleenwort and hart's tongue in there too.
How is the site doing Roger?