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an non-native species common in harbours and marinas spreading out round the country

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Poor you Trudy, you have the same problem as me and plenty others..Watersipora subtorquata - the reason why the ID links are not 'up' in the panel. Hardly worth changing, but you should!
is pretty thorough - you'll agree, I have.
After your reply below..
I wonder if you noticed my reference to your spelling Trudy (watersipora)

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Ah yes a complicated group,

Ah yes a complicated group, this particular ID was confirmed at the time by John Bishop as he was running a bryozoan ID course and we did look at the operculum. He said the key id feature vs other species of watersporia is translucent windows next to a shallow sinus in the operculum. I don't know how this fits with the details from your link it is dated 2011 but the most recent reference is 2002. So I don't know if what John told us is a more recent update?

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