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Tuberous Polypore (Polyporus tuberaster)

Observed: 29th September 2013 By: Martin D. ParrMartin D. Parr’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
130929 Frithsden beeches 9254
130929 Frithsden beeches 9255

About 10cm across and deep. Growing on a beech log. Cap had a darker wavy edge with a paler depressed centre and radiating markings on a violaceous brown background. Underside white sponge.


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Have just looked again on full size with my spec's on and the do look more like quite large tube like pores.


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Thank you!

Many thanks to both Flaxton and Fenwickfield for the ID, that looks good to me - and is a species I've not seen before. Many thanks both for your help!
Kind regards, Martin