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Enhancement to layout

I have a suggestion: at present when we click on an Observation, we get the information in this order:

1) Observed by Xxxx and Date
2) Date added to iSpot
3) Picture(s)
and then
4) Location.

I think it would be more helpful to have Location in second place.

Reason: when working through Observations using "Next" rather than returning to the Browse Observationslist each time (trying to save loading time!), those of us who don't care for non-UK observations can immediately skip on to the "Next" one, rather than wasting time looking at the pics and pondering, before paging down to see the location.

When using the list (via Browse Observations), Location is the second item listed, which is extremely helpful.

If nothing else, having it in second place on the expanded Observation gives consistency.

Of course, when we get the country filters, this won't be necessary...



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Sounds like a good idea -

I also wonder if it might be possible to adapt an add-on like Flagfox, where a small icon shows the country of origin. That way it would be easy to spot the exotic entries.

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Second place location a good idea

and if there was a 'country' to tick/insert then it becomes even easier to tell location at a glance.
I do look at non-British spots, but it would still be an excellent idea.