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Bombus hypnorum - The "Tree Bee"

BWARS are running their annual monitoring programme of Bombus hypnorum again this year. The aim of this project is to monitor the spread of this recently arrived bumblebee across the country.

The project is announced at and information on how to submit records is included

The bee is very distinctive indeed: Ginger thorax, Black abdomen and a snow white tip to the tail. There is no other British species with this colour combination at all

Photographs are usually sufficient to confirm identity.

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Thanks for that, will be interesting to see if the spread continues. I had a queen in my garden at the beginning of April, and had hoped to see the workers getting busy, but the queen looked rather bedraggled and there have been no further sightings of her or any workers so far.

On the other hand my solitary bee next box, which has been unused for the past few years, is jam-packed with larvae at the moment!

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