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Amber Snail

Observed: 27th September 2013 By: sgwarnogsgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebratessgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebratessgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebratessgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebrates

Two examples of adjacent snails.

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NBN map

According to NBN map unlikely to be the rare O.sarsii (but might be?).

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Thanks for looking at this

Thanks for looking at this Steve. I am a snail novice, so I'm happy to be corrected. I guess something that looked slender to me doesn't stand up when I don't know what the non-slender variety looks like. And you're right, the NBN map shows that the slender one is very local -I hadn't checked this as the source that I'd been using for id had suggested it's quite common. Further confirmation of your suggestion comes from the fact that if you drill down on the NBN records, there is one for the exact spot where I found this one, which perhaps isn't surprising given it's a nature reserve and therefore well surveyed. Cheers, Peter

Peter H

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We all start as a novice.........

Keep going. The unexpected does turn up (when people actually look and check properly). Slender Amber Snail may be under-recorded as it's a dissection job to be certain of ID and most people (myself included!) tend not to check.

Best wishes