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Two strange things on the pear tree

Observed: 27th September 2013 By: Judy Heiser
Strange thing on the pear tree
Another strange thing on my pear tree

My pear tree is covered in these little black things that look a bit like thin tadpoles - slimy looking and not moving. Presumably they must be a caterpillar of some sort but not like anyone I've ever seen before?
The second photo is of the same tree. On the top of the leaf there is what looks like a rust spot and on the underneath, these udders have formed.
Whats going on!

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If you move this to "invertebrates" it will get a wider audience

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Pear Tree problems

Thank you so much. I have googled both of these and , of course, you are completely right. Now I know what these things are I can work out what to do next!