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New find at Sutton Park

An interesting little discovery was made by the rangers at Sutton Park recently:

For "bug" read mite instead (honestly...) - specifically, a peacock mite. Apparently the species is yet to be determined (someone at the Natural History Museum is working on it), but there are know examples of this group known in the Midlands before, so it's at least new to there. With a group as poorly known as these, it's entirely possible that it's new to the UK... or even just new.

So, the next time you're turning over cowpats on a sunny afternoon, and watching mites hitching a lift on the dung beetles, just think what new discoveries you might be a party to... now, of course, the only thing left is to work out how to identify the things. I'll leave that as an exercise for the student, and go back to bugs. :o)



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Joe - I am on a mini crusade to make Regional Forums a bit more visible. I know that Mentors can only do so much but it seems a pity that they (the Forums) are, more or less, at a standstill.
I have just noticed however that flags not may appear when new posts are made in these forums, so might it be a long time before you see this comment? See -
Am I right and should I apply some energy?

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Good plan...

...but as you've noticed, these regional forums just don't seem to attract all that much attention. There's a bit more on the specialist area ones, of course, but even that is limited. I guess it's because the focus of the site is the observations, and there isn't yet the critical mass of forum users in any one region.

It's always worth a try to get things more active, and you'll have my support if you want to make a difference to that, but we might find that next spring is the time to really put the effort in..?

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OK Joe, let's try.
See my start in
This is up to members not Mentors!