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Huge round fungus lump

Observed: 9th September 2013 By: shurick88shurick88’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

On the second picture you can see the bite marks. Left by a slug?
It was found under a horse chestnut.


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What size was it?

I'm assuming it had no stem - in which case it could be a Giant Puffball Langermannia gigantea, and lots of creatures including slugs take advantage of them.

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Hello! Yes, that's right, no stem and it was quite big, much bigger than a fist.
I looked up Giant Puffball and I am quite sure that's the one.
Tank you!

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You should add it

As a formal identification. Others can then either agree or offer an alternative.
Be quick, or the "predators" may beat you to it!

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I just didn't want to get credit for your identification.
Never mind :)

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There ought to be a word

For people who leap in with an identification, when someone else has suggested that the person who posted the observation should do so.

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sorry i thought u were in doubt and it wasnt a new posting. my mistake. a.p.