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Observed: 11th August 2009 By: miked
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Longhorn beetle Leptura rubra?

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Have you seen The Coleopterist web site, http://www.coleopterist.org.uk ? It has an excellent photo gallery containing most of the UK species, all photographed and verified by experts. Their photo of Stictoleptura rubra does look like your insect, if a bit paler (see http://www.coleopterist.org.uk/taxa/cerambycidae/stictrub.htm)

You probably ought to update the name though, I expect theirs is the more recent version.

Bob Ford

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Red Longhorn Beetle

I also agree that it is Leptura (= Stictoleptura, = Corymbia) rubra - this group of longhorns seems to change genus names on a regular basis! In Andrew Duff's recent identification guide to longhorns, published in British Wildlife magazine, it is given the English name Red Longhorn Beetle. In that guide it says "a naturalised immigrant, very local in coniferous woodlands in eastern England".

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well it obviously got blown a

well it obviously got blown a bit off course then as there was no coniferous woodland on the site where i found it but of course there are large areas of conifers a few miles away.