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Observed: 13th September 2013 By: Jane FD
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Fungi with a growth?
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toadstool covered with fine white fibes


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This is likely to be a slime mould, not a true fungus.
If you search for "white hairy mould on fungi" a few things will enrich your life!
One similar here http://galleries.northoftheridge.com/galleries/93_Fungi/Z_Slimemolds/

I have seen a lookalike before and had some notes pointing me to Syzygites megalocarpus - Hairy Mould is made up by me.
It is impossible to tell from photos of course but there are a number of sightings with good pictures on the Web.

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Syzygites megalocarpus

Do you know if it grows on soil, or does it just grow on fungi? Have seen it several times on the forest floor after heavy rains.

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Troll Doll Fungus

I suspect so. It is reported worldwide and I suspect grows anywhere there is mycelium (and where conditions are right).
"...is not picky about its victims, which have been documented from more than 65 different genera in the United States, so it should be expected on virtually any mushroom..." http://www.mushroomexpert.com/syzygites_megalocarpus.html
Short time-lapse here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0d_1QLr6pQ

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Amazing, only just seen this

Amazing, only just seen this one.

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Yes Mike and I'd completely forgotten my involvement here. Thanks for reminding me. I hope the post comes to the 'surface' again!