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Polysiphonia elongata thallus

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Polysiphonia elongata thallus
Polysiphonia elongata cells
Polysiphonia elongata cortication

Original post 26.9.13. Red Seaweed on Preston beach
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pretty good

Origin 27th Sept 2013
As well as your obvious expertise and pretty good pictures, there's a wealth of Web-evidence. Example -
P.elongata also appears the Sesearch book as Elongate Siphon Weed, is well described and has a micro-photo, mimicking part of P3 - what more for an agreement? Nowt!
I love the 'cells' picture but where are they, in the whole and how do I separate them? (briefly!)
I have just embarked on the interstellar journey of low power microscopy and have clean and healthy seaweed pastures just outside my garden - watch out!
EDIT - removed my rude comment! (you'll have to guess what it was)

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cutting sections

The 'cell' pictures are cross sections of the stem and I use a razor blade to cut very thin sections. These are needed for ID in the the Polysiphonia as the first question in the key is 'periaxial(=pericentral) cells 4? or 5 or more?
Is that what you meant by 'where are they in the whole and how do I separate them?'


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Origin 27 Sept.2013
Yes, thanks..
ð (apprentice)
Much later -
What a nice post, well up to the demanding criteria set in the Project.
Please tag it MarineA1 - and let's hope it will immediately appear in the project.
ð (no longer an apprentice but.....)
and PS thanks. I had to renew the Tag in the Project before it would Upload - a small bug then.
Not many of us appreciate your note in Description - I ðo.