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Cute squirrel

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Squirrel on a park bench

From the eastern United States and southeastern Canada; introduced into Britain, Ireland, western North America, Italy, and South Africa.Medium sized tree squirrel with no sexual dimorphism in size or coloration. The dorsal surface ranges from grizzled dark to pale grey and may have cinnamon tones. The ears are pale grey to white and its tail is white to pale grey. Underparts are grey to buff. Melanism is common in the northern portions of the range and albinism is rare in all areas.I have never seen a black one but have seen an albino in Cape Town.

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Black Squirrel

I have seen Black Squirrels in Hitchen, Herts. They were in the trees in the Churchyard. Are they now spreading? Is it true that they are not pure Sciurus carolinensis? They are attractive animals.

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No hybridisation

The black squirrels are pure Sciurus carolinensis as far as I know.

Gill Sinclair
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Black squirrels

Just like any melanistic (abnormally black) animal they are pure bred but have a defective gene which causes them to produce too much melanin so have black fur/feathers/skin. Just like melanism's opposite, albanism the absence of melanin production.

Melanistic red squirrels, though much rarer, have been seen.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks Graham

for the additional info !