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Mandarin ducks

Observed: 14th April 2011 By: jeltjejeltje’s reputation in Birdsjeltje’s reputation in Birdsjeltje’s reputation in Birds
Female and male
This one has narrower eyestripe
Less flamboyant than male on first 2 photos

Medium-sized,East Asian duck.41–49 cm long with a 65–75 cm wingspan.Male has a pair of "sail" feathers that are raised vertically above the back, a crest of orange and cream feathers, and a broad white eye-stripe that is bounded above and below by darker feathers.The white marking around each eye extends backwards from the eye in a long, narrow tapering line.The female is duller in colour and has an overall grey appearance marked by a curving white stripe behind the eye and a series of white blotches on the under parts.

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