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Platycheirus granditarsus

Observed: 18th September 2013 By: Rob LawrenceRob Lawrence’s reputation in InvertebratesRob Lawrence’s reputation in Invertebrates
2013-09-18 14.28.56
2013-09-18 14.30.03

Pretty sure this is a hoverfly but can't find a match for abdomen marking. Maybe juvenille?

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Hoverflies don't have juveniles....

Hoverflies don't have juveniles. Flies have 4 distinct life stages - egg, larva (a maggot), pupa and adult. Thus any fly is always an adult. However, freshly emerged adults (teneral specimens) can be paler/different in colour (perhaps this is what you meant?).

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Platycheirus granditarsus

Cheers, yes ID looks spot on.

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Seemed to have a good late summer, as I saw it far more than normal, this year.

I am not really bothered myself, Rob, but iSpot etiquette is that you don't add the ID again yourself, once another has added it for you.


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