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Sawfly larva?

Observed: 27th August 2013 By: madjanevmadjanev’s reputation in Invertebratesmadjanev’s reputation in Invertebratesmadjanev’s reputation in Invertebrates
Black caterpillar
Black caterpillar 2

A black caterpillar like larva seen sitting on yellow flag iris (I think) near the coast. I don't know if it was feeding on the iris - I think probably not. The ground nearby was quite grassy and marshy as a freshwater stream fed down the beach. There was also some scrubby trees nearby.

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I haven't a clue as to what it is but it looks dramatic. G.

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Sorry, I forgot to say what size it was - about 3cm long. And yes Grant - very dramatic! I'd just love to find out what it might be...