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Helophilus_pendulus_2013-09-16 13.19.53

Observed: 16th September 2013 By: Rob LawrenceRob Lawrence’s reputation in InvertebratesRob Lawrence’s reputation in Invertebrates
Helophilus_pendulus_2013-09-16 13.19.53
Helophilus_pendulus_2013-09-16 13.20.53

Has yellow stripes on head but not very clear probably due to fading or still being soaked in alcohol?

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Perhaps pendulus, as hind tibia appears quite pale, but I don't think it is a certain ID, bearing in mind the poor condition of the specimen. Yellow stripes on head are not a specific ID criterion.


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ID best done dry

Dry the specimen out for a few minutes and stripes, etc, will re-appear. It is very difficult to ID hoverflies when wet (ground beetles, etc too) as many identification characters disappear (colour patterns, shimmer stripes, setae positions, etc). With pitfall or Malaise trap material I always dry out certain invert groups (briefly) before identification. Otherwise very dubious dets!