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Rock Pipit

Observed: 25th September 2013 By: sugaralliesugarallie’s reputation in Birdssugarallie’s reputation in Birdssugarallie’s reputation in Birds

Bathing in a pool on the harbour pier.

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Rock or Meadow

But I am ever nervous about disagreeing with Ian (Ophyrs)!

Alan Brampton (Benson)

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Leg colour is quite variable in Rock Pipit. The breast streaking is smudgy, though, on this bird...on Meadow it is much more clear; darker spots on a paler background. Meadow would have more streaking atop the head and on the nape, too.

Definitely a Rock Pipit.


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Also the dawn/dusk lighting

Also the dawn/dusk lighting may affect the apparent coloration of the legs and bill. Good photo in any case :-)

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Thank you

I have added another photograph - I am not sure if that will make things any clearer. The photographs were taken in the late afternoon sun. Thank you all for your comments and IDs.