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Caddis Fly by the Thames

Observed: 25th September 2013 By: ahbahb’s reputation in Invertebratesahb’s reputation in Invertebratesahb’s reputation in Invertebratesahb’s reputation in Invertebrates

Very long antennae - wings held over back (roof-like) at rest

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Hi Ahb,I think it can only

Hi Ahb,

I think it can only be lunatus, its sometimes stated that the lunar crescent should typically be edged in a black line but I think this is slightly variable. I see quite a few just like this among 'typical' lunatus.

Im referring mainly to The Adult Trichoptera of Britain and Ireland by Barnard and Ross 2012 fo caddis fly identification.


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Caddis Fly ID!

Thanks Cathal

Have to admit not initially knowing what this fly was at all - not sure I have ever really known before what a Caddis Fly looked like!

So I was not expecting a species-level ID at all.

Good to have learnt a bit more - encourages one to look harder next time.


Alan Brampton (Benson)

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Hi Alan, Thankfully lunatus

Hi Alan,

Thankfully lunatus has this distinctive pale crescent (I hope others confirm this ID) which makes it easier to ID than most Limnephilus caddis. There are quite a few in the genus (20ish). I will check the book.